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Siapa Perlu Dido'a?

Para petinggi agama tengah berdo'a dengan khusyu dan khidmat. Wajah mereka amat murung. Kantung mata mereka membengkak dan menghitam akibat terlalu lama berpikir dan merasa perih atas apapun yang itu yang mereka pikirkan dalam benak.

Petinggi Agama (pemimpin):

Ya Tuhan... Sadarkanlah saudara-saudaraku di luar sana yang selalu berbuat dosa. Mereka semua sedang khilaf.

Petinggi Agama (lainnya):

Kabulkanlah Tuhan....

Di tengah-tengah mereka muncul malaikat.


Mengapa? Kau sudah tidak lagi didengar?

Para Petinggi Agama:

Ya, mereka lebih senang berbuat dosa daripada mendengarkan nasihat kami.


Wajar sajalah! Mana ada yang mau mendengar nasihat orang gila?!!"

Lalu malaikatpun kembali bertasbih.

Chasing Dandellions

                 Upo and Mafa are friends for long. Their unique characters are the one that makes them good friends for each others. Upo is a girl but unlike Mafa, Upo is quite an adventurer. She likes to travels  while, Mafa, rather spends his time alone scratching his pencil on papers. On Sunday, Upo usually rides her bicycle or takes a route around her house for jogging. But her friend, Mafa, will be found sitting on his chair facing the window in his room. Both of them are only little kids with different interests. However, it is wrong to takes difference as something that can’t be put together. In a curious way, similarity comes from differences, as for Upo and Mafa, they actually like to watch the colour of the morning sky and, feel the cool breeze of the morning air. They only do it in simply different way.

                One day, Mafa was very angry at Upo. It was because, Upo went to some playground in town, with her friend. Mafa was actually just envy because, he knows that Upo knows about Mafa’s huge interest on playing in that playground.

“Who else but her, would I like to ask to go there?” Mafa’s grouchy thought is muttered onto himself. He feels cheated also by Upo’s plainly act on having some fun with in the playground without him—well, who’s to blame when a kid hates someone who stole his candy? Children are merely children after all, arent ther? So Mafa’s anger would be a common major problem for them.

“Huh! This is unfair!!” Said Mafa to himself, “She knows we like that playground very much. We supposed to be spending the evening in the park today but… Huh, I wish I can stop to think about it!” Then, Mafa thought of something to make up his feeling which was, making Upo envy to whatever Mafa is going to do.

“I’m going to play with Boogieman and the creatures underneath the bed. I bet she will be very envy to hear any of it.” Then, there he went, sliding to the place where Boogieman and the creatures dwells within. Underneath the bed.

Later on, Upo called Mafa.  Upo knew that he was angry but, she kindly listened to his story. Mafa sounded as if he was full of excitement. He told her that he was just came up from playing with Boogieman and the creatures underneath the bed.

“Upo, it was exciting to play with Boogieman. Do you ever have any chance to play with such full of fun?” Asked he, started to make up such great story.

“I dare not to go there, Mafa. You know Boogyman is a terrible thing to play with, don’t you?” Replied Upo, her voice was full of plain curiousity. Actually she has expected this and, she was happy to know his friend was longing to play with her.

“Boogieman is a good one, Upo. He likes to play card and a cup of tea. Well, his habit is quite nasty, I can tell you that, for he takes cockroaches for meal.” He went on again, “The creatures are also have warm characters, it was a pity that I had to go home when they offered me to go to underneath playground. They got super huge windmill in there, it’s fun! I’m going to go there tomorrow.”

“Well, that’s too bad, Mafa. I’m about to ask you play in the field tomorrow.”

Mafa thought he succeed to make Upo envies, “Oh, we can still go there but, I’m bringing Boogyman for sure. Wouldn’t that be great, Upo?”

Upo ended her call. She told Mafa that he can bring the creatures too. This made Mafa fell more displeasant for Upo didn’t sound much envy as he expected. After all, his effort was only make him sleeping with grouchy thoughts all over his mind.

By the morning, they met in the field as what has been planned. There, Mafa’s face was frowning like he had a terrible day in the very beginning of the day. Upo looked at him, her face was full of wonder.

“What happened, Mafa? Where is Boogieman and the creatures underneath the bed?” Asked Upo, which, it made Mafa’s frowning face gets evenmore frowning.

“He’s not coming”

“Oh, that’s too bad… Is there something wrong?”

“Well, the truth is,” Began Mafa, “Boogieman and those creatures are not real. I make them up. I was angry because, I don’t know anybody else to ask to go to the playground. I only want to go there with you because it will be more fun.” Mafa seemed like trying to hide his face by looking at the ground.

Upo laughed and said, “Let’s just play here, Mafa.” She pointed and shout with full of excitement, “look! Dandellions, let’s chase them…” Then, they both chased those flying Dandellions and had a pleasant day.

Anyway, this is my girlfriend’s voice :)

 Again, same thing happens in different day. And that is me, who keeps trying to write something—at least trying to :D—but stagnation caught my very own mind again (I’ve said it earlier). Well then, fortunately this bloody-trapped-in-stagnation-mind hasn’t been stop providing ideas, which, makes me think that it might be great if I describe this pestering habit of mine so that maybe, it also helps me out in other way.

 Well… This is the worse, I even got no idea to pour the words down to the description. I am starting to think that, maybe, there’s a creature who has been living inside my head and it has built something that make the cause out of it. Something like a great wall, perhaps the one that like the great wall in China. Or, maybe there are millions of it in there. divided into two orders like, the capitalists and the communists. Then they wage war on each other—don’t forget that this situation is located in my mind, okay!—after all, here I am telling you some pathetic piece of junk mind.

 Anyway, this whole thing leave me wondering that maybe, the stagnation thing is caused by too much thinking on the idea of what the writing is going to be. Thus, it keeps me thinking without minding the other process of it. I’m taking a quote from a well known writer, Charles Dickens, to make it clear. That is, An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself." All in all, it is good to think of one brilliant idea but it is better to not stuck on merely doing it. Like this one piece of my writing, which, at least I have done write it (though it’s full of crap hahaha :D).

P. S. Then, why are you still reading this?! Don’t you have something else to do or, is it your life just too boring to have some? Yes, you’re right. Bugger off and good riddance :)

“Apakah saya kehilangan akal atau memang ilmu saya terlalu dangkal sampai-sampai hanya bisa menulis kutipan ini saja?”

Ceritanya ini gambar anak2… :D
The old man who sits on the rocking chair is holding a key. A key that could open the cage. Everybody does have a cage inside themselves. It is locked. Tell you what, you dont want to let ‘what’s inside the caged loosed’, dont you? Better start to think of it before you’re running late, my friends :)